Lilesville Fire and Police Departments

"Dedicated to Honorable Service"

202 West Wall Street

Lilesville, North Carolina 28091




E-31 is a 2008 Rosenbauer Pumper on a Spartan Chassis. E-31 has a 1,000 gallon tank, 25 gallon foam tank, and a 1,250 GPM pump. E-31 responds to structures fires, vehicle fires, and fire alarms. E-31 is pictured at the Duke/

Progress Hydroelectric Plant located in Lilesville, NC. 



E-32 is a 2000 Quality Pumper on a Freightliner Chassis. E-32 has a 1000 gallon tank and a 1500 GPM pump. E-32 is pictured at the Anson County Water Filtration Plant in Lilesville, NC. E-32 was taken out of service in July, 2013.


E-33 is a 2011 Pierce Contender Pumper with a 1,000 gallon tank and a 1,250 GPM pump. E-33 responds to structure fires, motor vehicle accidents, and gas alarms. E-33 is pictured in the Spencer Pointe subdivision on Blewett Falls Lake, located on the Pee Dee River in Lilesville, NC.



T-34 is a Southern Fire Tanker with a 2,500 gallon tank and a 1,250 GPM pump. T-34 responds to all fire calls and responds to mutual aid calls outside of the Lilesville Fire district. T-34 is pictured at Horwood Incorporated, located in Lilesville, NC.


B-36 is a 2007 Rosenbauer Brush Truck with a 250 gallon tank, 10 gallon foam tank, and a 80 GPM pump. B-36 responds to grass and woods fires. B-36 is pictured with Foam Trailer 3. This unit is a 2007 Task Force Tips Foam Trailer capable of flowing 500 GPM of foam. B-36 is pictured at North Carolina's Electric Membership Corporations Peak Power Plant, located in Lilesville, NC.


TRUCK 38, BOAT 3, & SW 3

T-38 is a 2016 Chevrolet 3500 Utility Truck. This unit responds to all water rescues, recoveries, and land searches. Pictured with T-38 are B-3 and SW-3. B-3 is a 2010 Rescue One Connector Boat that is used with water rescues and recoveries in still water. SW-3 is a 2014 swift water rescue boat. It is used below Blewett Falls Dam for swift water rescues.



B-39 is a 1999 American General Truck converted to a brush truck with an 800 gallon tank, 10 gallon foam tank, and a 125 GPM pump. B-39 responds to all woods and grass fires. B-39 is pictured at B.V Hedrick Sand & Gravel, located in Lilesville, NC.  B-39 was made possible by the North Carolina Forest Service.



R-3 is a 2000 KME Rescue Truck. This truck responds to all structure fires, motor vehicle accidents, high angle rescues, and any other type of rescue call. This unit also responds for mutual aid calls for rescue. R-3 is pictured at Bonsal American bagging plant, located in Lilesville, NC.