Lilesville Fire and Police Departments

"Dedicated to Honorable Service"

202 West Wall Street

Lilesville, North Carolina 28091



 About Lilesville Fire Department

Lilesville Fire Department Station #3 (LFD) is a full volunteer municipal fire department located in Lilesville, N.C. Lilesville is found in Anson County, which is positioned in the Southern Piedmont region of N.C. Anson County encompasses 568 square miles and has an approximate population around 28,000. LFD’s district is the largest in the county, covering approximately 105 square miles, and has a population of approximately 6,500. Included in this area is the Town of Lilesville, which contains 2.5 square miles with a population of 575. Lilesville Fire Department contracts with Anson County to provide fire service inside the established fire district. LFD also provides fire protection for the Town Of Lilesville, and operates on a EMT-B level certification, and a Heavy Rescue Certification, with specialty certifications in Swift/Surface Water Rescue, and High Angle Rescue.

The fire district is joined by 4 other rural fire districts each containing a full volunteer fire department and one paid/volunteer municipal department. Mutual aid is rendered to and received from each of these departments. LFD currently has mutual aid contracts with each of these departments.

LFD provides fire protection for several major state facilities. The essential facilities include North Carolina Electric Co-op’s Peak Load Power Plant, Progress Energy Hydroelectric Power Plant, the Blewett Falls Dam, Anson County’s Water Filtration plant and Bulk Storage Facility, CSX Railway and Trestle, US HWY 74 and bridge which crosses the Pee Dee River, US HWY 145, and Sandhills Pipeline’s 30” underground natural gas main. The North Carolina Electric Memberships Peak Load Power Plant distributes power in peak demand times. This plant operates on natural gas, which is supplied by the Sandhills Pipeline. This site also stores one million gallons of diesel fuel on site as an emergency fuel source. Progress Energy’s hydroelectric plant supplies power for all of Anson, Richmond and surrounding counties. The Blewett Falls Dam not only provides the reservoir for this power plant, but also provides the reservoir for Anson County’s Water Filtration plant. This plant also provides up to 16 million gallons of water per day to all of Anson County, parts of Richmond and Union County, as well as some parts of South Carolina. The CSX Railway Trestle that crosses the Pee Dee River is a major thoroughfare for rail services in the Piedmont and Sandhills regions of North Carolina. A major thoroughfare for Lilesville’s district is U.S. Highway 74. This four lane divided highway is the main connector for Wilmington and Charlotte, NC. Another major thoroughfare is US Highway 145. This two lane divided highway is the main connector for Lilesville and Cheraw, SC. The final state critical facility in the Lilesville district is the Sandhills Pipeline’s 30” underground gas main. Sandhills Pipeline’s gas line crosses the entire district, dividing the district almost in half. This line provides gas for the North Carolina electric Co-op’s Peak Load plant in Lilesville, and Progress Energy’s natural gas fueled Power Plant in Richmond County. The Sandhills Pipeline handles 200-300 million cubic feet of natural gas per day and is expandable to 800 million cubic feet per day.  Other than these full operating facilities, LFD also protects an elementary school, two rock quarries, a cement manufacturing & bagging facility, textile mill, several daycares and 24 churches.

LFD’s mutual aid agreement with its bordering departments brings into account many other major critical facilities. These include three nursing homes, one hospital; one government owned and operated airport, a regional wastewater treatment facility, ten public schools, a major LP gas storage facility, an 8,443 acre national wildlife facility, industrial paper mill, and 5 major highways.

LFD is the second busiest station in the county next to Station #1. LFD currently holds a split ISO Certification of a 4/9 rating. We are currently working on obtaining an ISO rating of 4 district wide and other speciality certifications.